Thais have had a different take on what they prepare on the table on meal time. A balanced concoction of saltiness, sourness, spiciness, sweetness, and bitterness, even blandness - that's what A TASTE OF THAI is! Imagine how your taste buds can make perfect mix and match with each.

The Thai Food has been known for its harmony in tastes, textures and traditions, making more and more people all over the world come and crave for it. They combine contrasting ingredients to create a great taste. Each dish is made up fascinating flavors and fragrances that foodies can't help but eat and repEAT!

A Thai meal is served all at once. What is good about it is that each appetizer, entree, and dessert is cooked to complement one another. Their curries, dips, salads, soups, sweets and titbits are like no other. It is definitely a whole new mouth-watering experience, so dig in!

Our Delicacies

Tom yum goong
Bua Loi
Tom kha kai